Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Products coming SOON!

I'm working on some new products to put in my etsy shop, and hope to have them up late next week.

I'm wondering if I should start doing shop updates like a lot of etsy-ers do? Anyone have any opinions on that? Normally I just add as I can, but official shop updates seem like a good idea sometimes. Then load it up at once!




Shonna said...

I've been wondering the same thing. I am going to put up your feature on Monday, so stay tuned!

Hayley Egan said...

That is the way I would do it, if I had an etsy shop!! (really must get around to making some prints...) I like your new addition alot, by the way!

Jolie Dennison said...

I think shop updates would definitely be good. I can get caught up in everyday life and often forget to check for new things, even with the sellers I love. Updates will keep you fresh on people's minds, as well as get us excited about what you have coming up. I'm now extremely curious about what your new items are!!! LOL

Shonna said...

Liz, I posted your feature!

Tamikko said...

I would love some official notice. Especially since things are original and when they're gone, I'm guessing they're really gone.
I love the colours you use, they make me happy.
Do you ever do Fairies? I haven't checked out your Etsy enough yet. Off to do that now :)

suziart said...

I thing updates are beneficial!! I am Working on starting an Etsy Shop. I like it when I know what is being posted by artists that I follow! Updates remind us of things going on in this world that we often can over look. Just 'cause we are trying to keep up!

Liz said...

ok gals... updates it is! i think you are all so right... my dear sweet awesome jenn at noodle and lou does updates and her stuff sails out quick!

yes, i paint a lot of fairies... i love them!

battling carpal tunnel right now.. ugh!

xoxo liz