Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look at my doggie!

I stumbled across a new etsy shop with *no feedback* and was thrilled to be the first to buy! The owners are super nice and so excited about their new venture on etsy! They provided that last pic above for me to show you. :)

What cute dog and cat tags! So reasonable, too. And the shipping was soooooooooo fast.... made me take notice of how important that is to a buyer. I know it's important, but sometimes as a seller (mostly) it is easy to forget a bit and take a day or so longer than you should.

The second Teddy gets a glimpse of the camera she becomes shy. It is hysterical.

She is not brushed and needs a HAIRCUT bad. I love her at this scruffy, moppy stage though. I notice she gets touched and scratched and cuddled constantly when she's scruffy! Everyone's always scooping her up. Isn't that interesting? When she first gets her haircut and it's short, she isn't as cuddly and maybe actually gets a bit of PEACE!

Here's the shop: JBImageCreations

Keep checking my blog for news on my first "official" shop update! I've got some new goodies I'm working on!



Anonymous said...

I love these tags! My pup needs one! Thanks for the hot tip ;)

Liz said...

Awesome! I love the sound it makes when she runs, too. Sorta easy on the ears! Not the clanging of the metal ones! haha... it's the *little things* in life, right?