Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter here was a bit odd. Molly had to work (did I tell you she has a JOB!? She's 15). She works as a busser at a very busy diner. We went there for lunch (she insisted! Soooooo happy that difficult middle school time is over and she actually LIKES us again!). She looked like she'd been working there for years... flittin' around with her long blond ponytail swingin' as she walked by. Cleaning and setting tables, carrying soda and coffee, sweeping the floor with one of those cool silent vac thingies, and of course bringing us a pile of napkins for soda Samantha spilled all over the seat and on my pants, LOL. Here she is in her uniform:

I'm one of those people that does things a bit different than the norm. I'm never bothered by sorta making up my own rules. My poor kids would probably love it if I was more "normal". I seem to rebel against things that are sorta expected (someday I'll write about my intense hatred for Christmas trees, although I begrudgingly put one up every year).

We colored Easter eggs ON Easter. I used lemon juice in my coloring mixes and after some disappointment that I didn't use vinegar to get the more vibrant colors, we settled in and got to work. Our favorite part was putting the plastic around the eggs and watching them shrink around the egg in the hot water. FUN. The eggs looks so old-fashioned and I love that. It was a sunny day here, and they looked so pretty in the light shining through the kitchen window:

Later, I met my mom and dad at Golden Corral (we affectionately call it "The Hungry Hepher"). Just the three of us on a whim on Easter. I told you I do things different than the norm (my whole family, actually)!
It was nice to be alone with them and I love to watch the people that go there at odd times on holidays. Makes me sad sometimes. Maybe they're sad when they see me too! Never thought of that! Although most people don't notice other people the way I seem to. I'm one of those people that stares and eavesdrops, LOL! Most of the time people don't even notice, but on occasion I get a bit of a dirty look and I realize I've gone too far. I don't mean to be rude, but I get sorta caught up in it.
I tell myself I'm not nosey, but that I'm interested in people and their lives. If I could do it all over again, I'd go to school to become a sociologist. Then I could stare and study and have a legitimate reason to do so.
My next post will be about the albino squirrel I fed on Easter morning! LOL! I even have pics. I bet you're excited!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love your art and I love your name for the Golden Coral! They have great food but I overindulge EVERY time! ha

sUz said...

I LOVE your not so "norm" easter! By the way, your moLLy is adorable and looks so grown up!

iN jOy,