Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mexican Tortilla Soup

I made a great soup yesterday in the crockpot. Both kids loved it, and dIh liked it as much as he likes any soup for supper. He's a meat and potatoes guy. A lot of times when I make these light dinners he gets the hot dogs out right after! ;)

I tweaked the recipe a bit. I used more chicken broth instead of the water. Water
makes no sense to me in soups like this. I also added some mexican chili powder. It needed more kick, as it's very mild. And about 10 minutes before we ate, I added a can of drained and rinsed black beans. I think the beans are essential! What's the point otherwise. Here's the recipe: yummy soup

Oh! Did you notice the new blog look? Three columns! Pretty fancy, huh? :::joke:::



Sandy..... said...

This sounds great! I think I will try this tomorrow. Wednesdays are busy for me and this sounds great to come home to! (along with some bread sticks! Gotta have bread sticks!)